October 13, 2019: San Diego, CA. AIHM Annual Conference Roundtable Workshop. #AIHM 2019, @AIHMGlobal
 It was a beautiful southern California day... but we were indoors, busy at work discussing ways to deliver high quality healthcare! I was proud to be an invited speaker to discuss Team-based Integrative Care for Chronic Illness
In case you missed all the fun, I have a set of downloadable PDFs detailing ideas to bring integrative chronic illness care to your practice. Click Here
Published September 5, 2019 in Current Treatment Options in Neurology
Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Painful Peripheral Neuropathy
Vanessa Baute, Danielle Zelnik, Jarret Curtis, Fatemeh Sadeghifar
I'm proud to announce the publication of a new review article in collaboration with the Wake Forest School of Medicine Department of Neurology on evidence-based therapies for painful peripheral neuropathy outside of the mainstream pharmacologic options. 
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