Please contact Dr. Zelnik for pricing specifics and schedule availability. Services for nonprofit and academic organizations can be arranged on honorarium basis or pro bono if schedule and missions align. Colleague specific collaborative projects and speaking engagement can be arranged with or without fees on a mutually agreeable basis. 
Professional audience topics include Integrative Medicine Overview, Integrative Healthcare Innovation, Integrative Pain Medicine, The Self-Care Movement in Medicine, Team-Based Integrative Care for Chronic Illness. 

Community audience topics can encompass a wide variety of medical conditions with focus on education and information on evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine approaches. Dr. Zelnik is also available for wellness retreats to speak on topics of personal development and spirituality. 
Dr. Zelnik is a thought leader and innovator when it comes to designing integrative healthcare programs and service lines. She has experience and expertise in rehabilitation medicine, integrative chronic illness care, and integrative pain management. She can assist your organization in designing an interdisclipinary or multidisciplinary  program to provide the best service for your patients. Dr. Zelnik also has experience in retreat planning and programming. She can work with you to make your wellness retreat memorable. 
Medical Writing
Dr. Zelnik is a published author who enjoys writing on topics pertaining to rehabilitation medicine, integrative medicine, holistic integrative healthcare, integrative pain medicine, and spirituality/personal development. 
She will be hosting a blog on her website in 2020 with plenty of writing and free resources for the public. You will be able to view writing examples and samples via the blog.
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Proud Founder of Healing Works, LLC
There are some exciting developments on the way, including the 2020 launch of Healing Works, LLC to become a force in the Integrative Self-Care Movement. I'm working on blog articles for your enjoyment and learning. I'm available as a speaker, consultant, and kindred collaborator with you on projects that will further our shared missions.